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So many issues face us. Sharmin Smith is ready to rock the boat and change from the status quo.  Protect our Kids! Punish the Predators!

Eradicate Pedophilia

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Amend the Federal Death Penalty Act to include the Death Penalty for anyone who sexually abuses a child. Revoke the Statute of Limitations on all sex related crimes.  Provide treatment and therapy for survivors of sexual abuse

  • Each Pedophile averages at least 50 victims, with some predators creating more than 200 victims. 
  • No one knows the real numbers because this is the most underreported crime in our history.
  • It’s estimated that there are up to 110 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in our country. 
  • 126 million people voted in 2012. If half of the survivors of childhood sexual abuse vote together, we will win this election in a landslide.
  • Someone told a lie once, it was a form of victim blaming and shaming. That if you had been sexually abused as a child you would grow up to become an abuser. Many victims choose to suffer in silence because they do not want to be accused of the thing they hate the most. 
  • At the core of the transgender bathroom debate is the reality that Americans know and can no longer tolerate. Sexual Predators are not properly punished in our country and pedophiles are given probation instead of lengthy confinment for the safety of our children. It's time to punish the predators.
  • It’s time to end the suffering and solve this problem once and for all. I believe we can eradicate pedophilia in our lifetime and break the cycle so no child ever suffers this misery again. 
  • Sexual abuse survivors deserve a candidate they can believe in and that's not Hillary Clinton who has been defending pedophiles and rapists for 40 years, nor is it Donald Trump with his countless transgressions and even being sued by one of his rape victims.

Note: ISIS is a bunch of pedophiles who fight for their right to rape at will and the only way to resolve the threat they pose to our country and the world is to give them the death penalty.


Too  Much TrafficMinimum Wage

When I got my first minimum wage job I was earning $5.25 and gas was $1 a gallon.  As a bill collector during the gas spikes that started after the terrorist attack on 9-11 I had a rare seat to see the impact the cost of gas had on every industry in our nation. I cannot help but imagine what our economy would be like today if our wage was tied to the price of gas and the wage was always at least 5 times the price of a gallon of gas. The minimum wage has to be high enough that no one working 40 hours qualifies for social services or welfare. 

  • I recommend a wage commensurate with the year we are in, 2018 = $18.18 an hour.  No separate wage for tipped workers.
  • Mandatory annual raise of $1.01 every January 1st. Surely by the time we reach the year 2020 we will have the hindsight necessary to prove paying people livable wages improves our society as a whole.
  • One year moratorium on raising the price of services and goods, with a 10% cap on increases per year for 3 years after the moratorium ends.
  • Dual purpose the IRS to provide zero interest rate, short term loans to small businesses that need help meeting salary requirements until sales pick up.
  • Pursue financial recourse against businesses that have paid employees wages so low they still qualify for public services. 

Note: Yes, wages will keep going up. Yes, eventually people won’t have to work 40 hours a week to meet their basic needs. There will still be the same amount of hours in a day for more aggressive workers to drive themselves and reach the level of pay they want to achieve.  Nothing will stop someone from reaching for the stars, and nothing should.  Everyone should be able to afford food, shelter and clothing for themselves and their children.  I haven't worked in a minumum wage job since I was 17 years old, I have been working with individuals and helping them with their budgets since the 90's.  If you sit down and do the math, basic math, the numbers do not work and noone can survive on $7.25 an hour.  Raising the minimum wage is improving the economy in every city that is doing it.  It worked when President Truman did it and it will work again.


Wall Street


After 20 years working in financial services, I'm not confident that the big banks can be broken up. I’m confident I know how to slow their roll.

  • Mandatory weekly drug testing for everyone in financial services.
  • Zero tolerance policy.
  • No financial services job can be outsourced to other countries or fully automated.
  • Minimum prison sentencing requirements for anyone involved in financial collapse that causes significant impact on our economy.

Note: When I worked for big Wall Street firms my executives used to brag that they didn’t drug test because they were too afraid of losing employees. This was during the mortgage crisis of 2008 and I wasn’t laughing.They also laughed every time they discussed Derivatives.  No one was able to explain to me what a Derivative was, that scared me and it should scare you. 

Derivatives, as explained to me by the executive running the department: If it doesn’t make sense, then you’re doing it right. If you think it won’t work, it will.  If you think it might be illegal, it’s not.

Well it should be illegal, I want you to pay attention and here’s why.  Two people duringthe 2016 election were blaming the 2008 financial crisis on Derivatives, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.  Derivatives had nothing to do with 2008 and when they do blow, they’re going to make 2008 look like child's play.  That’s why Goldman Sachs has already written a new law that guarantees them a bailout when Derivative’s go.  No one involved in this scheme deserves a get out of jail free card. 

You have to ask yourself, who do you want in charge when that bubble pops?  Two chicks already in bed with Wall Street? Some dude who thinks Bankruptcy is the solution to every financial problem?  Or someone who has spent their adult life working within the financial services industry and has seen first hand the chaos that is caused by legal gambling with drug addicts in charge?

You want to know how to get control of the pharmaceutical industry?  Pit Wall Street and Big Pharma against each other.  This is how you kill two birds with one stone.





As a Mayflower Descendant I have a completely different view on immigration than our current preisdent who is a first generation american. I have not ever had an issue with immigrants until Trump came along and I realized he is afraid of himself.  If you pay attention to the things he says, his stance on Immigration and chain migration all relate back to his personal issues and he's taking it out on everyone around him.  This is dangerous and the rest of the world does not deserve to suffer.

The indigenous people of this continent traveled freely across it for thousands of years before my ancestors showed up, claimed it as their own and started the process of conquering the continent.  I do not think we conquered it as much as we have caused chaos and destruction for millions. As a Mayflower Descendent I cannot possibly apologize enough to those who survived my ancestors, I can step into my birthright and do my best to keep us from messing it up any more.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd live to see the atrocities being committed by our government against immigrants seeking our protection that we continually hear about each day.  These behaviors are not in the spirit that America was founded under. I thought we as a nation had learned a few lessons from the mistakes of our past. 

For all the bad things our government has done, they have done it with the mission of expanding democracy across the globe.  We have hundreds of military bases world wide and we have been actively participating in spreading democracy everywhere we go. Now, suddenly our mission has changed and the way we go about treating potential future Americans has changed as well.  If there is anything we have learned from Donald Trumps Presidency is that anything done by a president can be undone by a president. Trumps time is coming to an end, and for many of us, it cannot come quick enough. 2020 is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing and I do not believe this timing is a coincidence, it's an opportunity to right many of the wrongs in our history.



Climate Change

For all that we have learned regarding the ways humankind have impacted our climate and the proof is undeniable, we still do not fully understand Continental Drift and the way the land masses float around the core.  We see it every day with new volcanos, sink holes, mud slides, storms, flooding, hurricaines, melting polar ice, the signs are everywhere, the next massive land shifts are coming and we are not remotely prepared for the ways in which our planet will change. 

One of the reasons I advocate for the death penalty for pedophiles now is because I absolutely do not want to see a world where these land shifts are happening with heavily armed rapists and pedophiles taking advantage of the chaos.  We have a rare opportunity right now to reduce the population of predators amongst us before it's too late.

We need to be participating in a massive decarbinazation effort globally and we can start that here in our country by stopping deforestation, logging perfectly good trees, while leaving dead ones for forest fire food.  We need to plant and harvest hemp on a massive scale for the purpose of purifying our air and rebuilding our soil, the textile applications can break our dependency on crude oil.

Our planet is often referred to as an engine, in order for a engine to run smoothly it requires oil. Removing the oil from it's natural locations within the earth will impact the manner in which the engine works. That oil is there for a reason and it is going to play a part in the land shifts that are coming.  Any good car junkie will tell you they do not want to run into a situation where their dream car runs out of oil, let's treat our planet like our dream car.  



Health Care for All

I too support healthcare for all.  I do not see any reason why our government needs to many healthcare plans, each with their own set of guidelines and beurocracy. We do not need Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Obamacare, the VA, CHIP, Government Employees have their own healthcare program. Each of these programs comes with a cost to the American people and most Americans cannot use them even though they'r paying for them.  

It's time once and for all to combine all of the government healthcare programs and allow every American citizen to use them now.  We are already funding these programs with our tax dollars, with deductions straight out of every one of our paychecks.  We do not need any more attempts to recreate another wheel.  It's time to consolidate the wheels and reimagine it in a way that actually helps us all.

As a military dependentand social security recipient I get the rare opportunity to see the difference in cost for services to each program.  Medicare always gets billed first, and any expenses that are left over get charged to Tricare.  The Tricare rate is so low the healthcare providers wipe out the remaining balance rather than accept the Tricare rate.  Let's combine all of the healthcare programs and give all Americans the Tricare rate. 

Anyone who comes to our country and receives health benefits can be charged the outrageous rates they're pushing on us and if that person doesn't have the ability to pay, we will happily bill their country of origin.  We have the ability to reduce our debt and take care of our citizens in the best ways possible.  Let's reimagine this together.




The hardest message I ever learned to deliver as a bill collector was that it was time for my debtor to reevaluate their priorities.  America, it is time for us to reevaluate our priorities.  We cannot continue to sustain the massive tax cuts and deductions we are funding right now.  The math simply does not work.  It is time for a flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage.  No more write-offs, no more deductions, no more massive tax breaks for the rich, no more teired tax rates for the rich. 

I know that in the past we have had huge tax rates on corporations, as much as 80%.  I know that our economy worked for a while when we did that.  That massive tax rate on the corporations and the rich is what has led us into the situation we are in now.  It's cheaper to buy a politician than it is to pay that tax rate.  We have watched slowly over the years as the rich have bought and paid for our politicians and they've been rewarded with tax breaks that have proven to be a great investment on their purchase.  These same businesses are now making money off of our government and not actually payin a single dime.  Meanwhile the cost of funding our government has been placed on the backs of the middle class and our deficit has exploded.

The only way to correct this mess is to remove the write-offs and the deductions are require everyone to pay the same percentage on everything they make.  I mean everyone, the rich, the poor, social security recipients, military, schools and the churches.  Everyone who lives in this country will be required to pay the same percentage.  We are all using the same roads, the same police, the same military for our protection of a free state and it is time for everyone to pay their fair share.




I tell my children something no one ever told me.  Your education is important to me!  I'll tell your children the same exact thing. 

I desperately wanted to go to college and could not afford it.  They did not have the same financing for independent students that they have today and my mother would not even consider signing a scholarship application let alone FASFA.  If it wasn't for the excellent public school education I recieved, I never would have made it as far as I did. 

I honestly thought that my public, Idaho High School education was going to take me all the way until Trump fired Troy.  If you don't remember the first season of the Apprentice, now is the time to check it out.  In the first season they had a contestant named Troy, who was from Idaho and only had a High School Diploma.  The country was in love with him.  He was smart, capable, kind and had all the right instincts. He made it to the final two and Trump fired him because he didn't have a college degree.  That summer college exenses skyrocketed and they've been raising ever since.  How Trump convinced people without college degrees to vote for him after that is beyond me.

That doesn't change the fact that 70% of our voting population doesn't have a college degree.  There used to be a time in this country when you didn't need a college degree to work in retail, or wait tables.  Now employers think you should have a Bachelors Degree for a $10/hr job and the math just doesn't work. 

I graduated from High School and went to work in a time when employers appreciated work ethic, common sense and a dedication to mastering your craft.  I have a short learning curve and have impressed every employer I've ever had with my ability to learn, and master their system in record breaking time.  This work ethic helped me throughout my life and put me in boardroom seats that Donald Trump never would have allowed me to sit in.

When I was 24 years old, both of my parents died within 3 months of each other to cancer. I was a homeless single mom for a while in 2000 with a 4 year old.  I know the ends of the earth I will go to in order to protect my child.  May 2018 that child graduated from college with a Education Major and she will be teaching Middle School PreAlgebra in the fall.  They never should have decided to arm our teachers. I tried to convince her to choose another career and she told me, "someone still has to care about the kids that are here".  She's so smart, and strong, some days I'm not sure who raised her.  Other days I know darn good and well who raised her and this is the reality America, she loves her schoolbabies.  Her schoolbabies are now my babies and I know what I will do to protect my babies.  I promise you, you want me on your side. 



Gun Control

I have conflicting opinions on gun control and if you're interested in the lengthy suggestions I thought would help solve the problem in 2014, you can find them in my book Taming The Tida.  My feelings on gun control continue to evolve with every shooting we see.

I support the 2nd Ammendment and our right to bear arms.  I believe we do have a well-regulated militia that is necessary to the protection of our free state. I believe that militia is our Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard.  

I have seen first hand the benefit of having a gun in my hand when I needed to protect myself, so I do think citizens deserve the right to own a gun.  I don't think they need an AR-15.  I grew up in Idaho during Ruby Ridge and I do not think any number of citizens have the ability to fight our government.

I am part of the Red Dawn Generation and I grew up fearing the Russians would invade our country and each of us may be called to defend our home.  We are living in a time where Russians are actively trying to destroy us, but because we are so heavily armed they aren't interested in storming our beaches, they're dividing us and conquering us with meme's.

I have been irrisponsible with a gun as a teenager and do not think emotional teens need free access to firearms. 

I have been on the other side of a gun when my ex-husband pointed it at my head and told me that I'd never see our daughter again and to think about it.  I've thought about that every day for over 20 years. 

I know that 50% of gun deaths in this country are because of domestic violence situations where the phrase "til death do us part" was taken literally.  I know how quickly a situation like that can get out of control and how destructive it can be.  

Every time a gun death happens the conversation of mental health comes up.  As someone who has suffered from PTSD from childhood sexual abuse, I know a little something about mental health issues and I believe it's going to take someone who has fought this battle personally to help all of us fight it.

In the news on any given day you can find a conversation about road rage, or anger managment issues that get out of hand.  What most people do not realize is that unmanaged depression can manifest as rage.  Most of us are suffering from some sort of depression.  Many people are choosing to self medicate.  We see it with alcholics, with drug addicts and in the homeless.  I saw in in Hawaii where Meth use was 4x the national average because they had so many functioning user, peoplewho needed 3 jobs just to be able to barely survive.

We have a mental health crisis in this country that is manifesting itself as a gun violence issue.  

I believe we as a country are suffering from a massive form of PTSD from multiple issues and no one has the ability to provide services to treat the issue on the scale it is needed. 

Our police are afraid to do their job and they are so afraid they can't tell the difference between a gun and a cell phone.  Every time someone walks around with a gun, the people around them who are all suffering from the last traumatic shooting do not know if this is another one coming, to the point children are being shot in parks with toy guns. We consistently see situations where our police are terrified for their lives because they are afraid everyone has a gun and is about to shoot them. 

It's time to suspend Open Carry. It's time to require mental health exams and rage exams for anyone who owns a gun. It's time to close all the loopholes. It's time to stop private gun sales. It's time to require gun registration and confirmation that gun owners have secured their weapons at home, safely away from children. It's time to require concealed carry permits be paired to all government ID, especially drivers licenses.  It's time to require gun owners to carry gun insurance.  It's time for us to stop shooting first and asking questions later. If we really are law abiding citizens, then it's time for us to identify ourselves so that the police do not have to fear us.  It's time for us to have a healthy conversation with each other that does not resort to shooting one another to end the argument.

Penn State created a Resiliency Program so effective the Army purchased it and started teaching it to their soldiers for the purpose of improving retention.  What they learned was that these resiliency skills helped their soldiers in every aspect of their lives.  It helped them be better soldiers, spouses and parents. I believe this resiliency skills can be taught to everyone across this country and it will improve the lives and reduce violence nation wide.

As President, I would have the power to expand this program and see to it that every branch of the military is capable of providing these lessons to citizens nationwide through every recruiting station, JROTC and ROTC unit in America. Our military members are willing to lay down their lives for the protection of their fellow citizens.  Let's give them the opportunity to raise up their life and the lives of their fellow citizens in a way that helps us all.  Our military recieves more money than any other portion of our budget, let's use some of that money to have the military help us help ourselves.

I refuse to believe we do not make more than enough money in this country to pay for everything we need. It's time for us to put our money where our mouths are.

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